I am a 20th Century composer, writing in the language of my time.

My position,credo if you wish, can be summarised by the following statements :-

1- Art/Music can only have meaning for its own time, if it is of its own time, and it relates directly to, and draws upon, the artist's and his/her public's immediate environment and shared experience.

2- Musicians and Artists have a functional duty to society. They are part of its consciousness and conscience. They provide consolation, delight and solace. Their work defines what a particular society is. They are commentators for future generations.

3- Composers, therefore, need to write in a language which is part of the "common currency" at any given period. If they do not, who will be able to understand, appreciate and enjoy their work, and learn from their insights?

4- The "common currency" in the latter part of The 20th., Century is self-evidently The African-American musical language.

5- The African-American musical language is the result of natural historic progression, and has no need for apologists and has no role to play in helping extend the life of The European Classical Tradition.(See my article on 20th Century Music, by following the link below.)

6- The African-American musical language carries as much potential within its own musical vocabulary and procedures for serious composition, as did "functional" tonality in its own time.

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Albert Alan Owen

United Kingdom


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