Albert Alan Owen Circle

Albert Owen is a musical idealist. His career has been consistently guided by his strongly held views. He was a professor of piano at The Junior School of The Royal Academy of Music for 15 years, taught piano to degree students at Kings College, London; Goldsmiths' College. His greatest joy however was teaching at London's Working Men's College for 12 years. He became The Dean of Studies, the first musician to achieve this honour in the College's long history. Since 1994 he has been the Music Education Co-ordinator at The Aberystwyth Arts Centre, University of Wales.

From the above you would assume that Albert Alan Owen is an academic. Nothing could be further from the truth. Teaching is what musicians should do. It is far too practical an activity to be left to Academics who, in The UK, are predominantly non-musicians.

Students of Albert have gone on to achieve national and international success, due in no small measure to his inspiration and influence.

Albert Alan Owen's professional career has progressed along a strongly individual path. He is seen, by those who know his music, as one of the most original composers of our time. Many of the trends and styles which are popular today were foreshadowed by him years ago. New Age, World Music, New Romanticism, Electro-Acoustic, are just some of the labels that could be attached to his music if they had been coined at the time that he was doing all of the above in The 70s.

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